Language Dubbing

With our professional dubbing team that comprises of translators, adaptors, dubbing artists, recordists and directors, you can rest assured of high quality, lively dubbed output. Our professional dubbing services are known for the natural flow, time synchronization, and lip sync. We offer dubbing services in more than 150 languages for e-learning, training modules, ad films, documentaries, etc.


Voice Over

We have an in-house VO studio where our voice talents record their voice. Our studio is equipped with the latest hi-fi audio instruments and acoustics. We do not just give cheap translate to market ourselves. We take care of the quality of the content we deliver.

Multilingual Voice Over

We have native artists who can provide voice recording in their respective mother tongue. Thus, no matter what language (Indian or foreign) that you are looking for we can provide you the VO services in that language..