About Us

Minglabar at Shan Myanmar.

The ‘Shan Group’ of companies shares it’s strength, database, outsourcing, teams, accounting etc. with Ms. Ansh Intertade Pvt Ltd. of New Delhi, India.  Ansh Ihas been providing tactical support to many language services providers all over the world. The group together is one of the largest and fastest growing language providing companies in the world.

The presence in all the language centric zones  makes it possible for the Shan Group to be able to provide the best low cost services. With headquarters in the multifaceted India with many languages, Shan has now established presence in UAE, Singapore, Russia, Armenia, Germany, USA and is now in Myanmar.

At Shan, we provide Translation, Transcription, Subtitling, Content Writing, Design and Digitization services for over 800 clients worldwide. Documents handled range from the most simple to the extremely confidential government documents.

Here are more reasons ‘WHY SHAN-

  • A 40 member ‘All Women Team’
  • The lowest prices offered in the world
  • The largest offer of more than 2200 language pairs
  • One stop for language conversion services
  • All pricing is open, prnted and fair
  • Online project cost calculation on website
  • Over 2000 tested linguists
  • Largest 70 new projects handled efficiently each day
  • Presence in all language centric zones
  • 24 hour 6 days a week operation
  • 30% Self-imposed penalty for non deliveries
  • Trusted by over 800 companies worldwide
  • No client logos exposed of clients to get business
  • Online chat and prompt response to enquiries
  • Own in-house online system to manage orders conveniently

We, at Shan are confident that any other is not good enough and hope to have your enquiry.