Everyone has seen the texts coming on the screen at the bottom of a film coming on the television or in video games. Yes, this is subtitling. Subtitling is converted form from an audio or video into another language and shown in the bottom of the screen in a written. We are one of the acclaimed subtitle translation agencies in the world and aim to satisfy your demands of subtitling.

This is generally the time-based depiction of videos dialogue in the written text format. This work is done on time basis as every dialogue has a time of play and pause. This special service requires skill and intelligence. With every dialogue their needs a written text and timeline of begin and finish. Shan Translation gets this done with the special team of experts. The team provides the work in the time frame with unmatched quality of work.

Subtitling service is a transcript and covers films, television shows, video games and so on where dialogue needs to be converted into written text form. Here language could be the same and different depends on the requirement of the client. The price here goes on a per minute basis. Our pricing policy is the best among rest all over the world.

So, if you are looking for any Subtitling service then please share your requirement.