Message from Country Incharge

Hello and warm welcome to all of you!

Let’s give you world class service at best possible prices.

Having been in this business for over 10 years and the earned trust of more than 1500 clients worldwide, we provide fair, open pricing and prompt deliveries.

Myanmar has now opened its arms to the world through its hospitality and trade.

Consider getting content writing done through blogs, articles, posts and websites so that you can present your product through different languages to the world. Get your website localized into other languages which will gain you clients from the targeted markets.

You can digitize by giving us written text to get scanned, typed and organized for you on computer to get concise storage and for future reference. Books, manuals, scripts and age old records which consume lots of space can be stored in digital format. This data also becomes timeless.

Capturing sermons of Monks for Transcription and subtitling on movies can expose either one region of Myanmar to others or other cultures to Myanmar.

We, Shan Translation Myanmar are proud to be an ‘All Woman Team’.

‘Looking for the best… we won’t stop you’.

Hope to have your projects.


Mrs. Sangeeta