Apart from international translation services, Transcription is the most widely used services of this era. Majorly used in the medical and legal sector. Transcription literally means listening to an audio or a video and typing the same, providing in written form. Listening to audio and then typing in text form is not an easy task and requires special training.

At Shan Translation, known as one of the biggest translation companies in the world, a proficient team is in charge of a number of languages. The team is specially trained to listen and understand the accent and then type in writing. The source may be audio or video and needs very skilful work. Only trained members who have expertise in the respective language are providing the desired output with speed and quality.

Transcription charges, like our translation services prices, are quite reasonable. They are also alike the subtitling and charged on a per minute basis. Shan Translation provides the fair and open pricing policy for all- we prepare a transcript of a video as efficiently as we translate the whole document. The delivery is always done in the pre-defined time only after the quality check.

Transcription is a process which has blessed various sectors as it provides a medium to work with ease. Besides providing commercial translation, Shan Translation is serving in transcription sector from a long time. If you have any requirement in the field of Transcription then please feel free to contact us.